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Who We Are

SVCTrust "Red Brigade" established in 2012 founded by group of professonals is a NGO with an aim to serve the needy.

The primary focus of Red Brigade has been towards bettrment of society. The institution seeks to construct better future possibilities for India’s communities.





Our Values

Contribute by devoting time, funding, volunteering, etc. with us

Country and Society

Maintaining mutual harmony and peace by creating a feeling of love for the country and society


Spreading awareness about the importance of education, making education a right universally accessible to all

Women Empowerment

Establishing a platform for women empowerment since ‘if you educate a woman, you educate a family’

Environment Protection

Making every effort to protect the environment and take care of it by planting trees

Health and Medicine

Organizing health-related support for the treatment of accidental and serious illnesses

Divine Disaster

Extending assistance during natural calamities to help minimize the effects of the ordeal

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Our valuable events to the nation and society

Maharashtra Flood - Relief Material Distribution 2nd Phase

Maharashtra Flood - Relief Material Distribution 1st Phase

Tree Plantation Mumbai 2021

Tree Plantation Jaunpur 2021


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Financial Help - Akhilesh Kumar and Family


ग्राम सभा केवटली, थाना महराजगंज, तहसील बदलापुर, जनपद जौनपुर में गैस रिसाव होने के कारण पूरे घर मे आग लगने से एक गरीब विश्वकर्मा परिवार के घर मे दो मासूम सहित कुल चार लोगों (सुरेश विश्वकर्मा, नीलम विश्वकर्मा, शिवांश विश्वकर्मा और श्रेयांश विश्वकर्मा) ...


₹ 165500 of 200000 Received


Financial Help - Rajnarayan Vishwakarma


ग्राम कोतवालपुर, विकास खण्ड धर्मापुर जौनपुर में राज नारायण विश्वकर्मा के रिहायशी छप्पर में दबंगो द्वारा 14 दिसम्बर को आग लगाकर पूरा घर जला दिया गया और पीड़ित परिवार के साथ मार-पीट करके घायल कर दिया गया था। उक्त घटना के सम्बन्ध में स्थानीय थाने पर मुकद...


₹ 27000 of 30000 Received

Health and Medicine

Ranjeet is struggling with stage 2 mouth cancer


Ranjit Thakur who is suffering from Stage 2 squamous cell carcinoma. Grade 2 looks more abnormal and grows and spreads more quickly than grade 1 cancer cells. Currently, he is undergoing treatment at Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital and Research Center...


₹ 9900 of 100000 Received

Divine Disaster

Provide Help For Maharashtra Flood Victims


The heavy rains that pounded the Konkan region of Maharashtra on July 21 and the resulting floods have taken many lives and caused massive damage to the region. The death toll from the landslides, flash floods and other rain-related incidents has cli...


₹ 90000 of 100000 Received

Feathure Projects

Yearly contribution to the nation and society

Blood Donation

Emergency Help

Traffic Awareness

Tree Plantation

Food Distribution

Cleanliness Drive

Social Awareness

Sewing Machine Help


What Dignitaries Says About Our Efforts

I am very happy that Red Brigade team is always ready to serve the society by becoming a supporter of the poor by doing work like divine disaster, environment, women empowerment and by their service in the circumstances of defeat. I convey my best wishes for a bright future to all the members of the heartfelt team.

Shri Vibhor Vishwakarma

Jr. Engineer Municipal Council, Jaunpur

Today, I would like to say with a very open spirit that Shri Vishwakarma Charitable Trust Red Brigade is waving its fame in the whole country with its service spirit. I am always ready, whatever the mode, my good luck always remains the whole team.

Shri Sanjay Kumar Seth

Founder - Zebra Foundation Trust, Jaunpur

Red Brigade team ke sath Nashik traffic awareness ke liye karya karne ke baad main yah vyakt karna chahoonga ki, Red Brigade wakayi me achchha kaam kar rahi hai. Iske alawa, corona kaal me annadaan karne ka kaam bhi bahut achchha raha hai. Main team ko unke bhavishya ke prayason ke liye shubhkamnayein aur safalata ki kamna karta hoon.

Shri Sachin Jadhav

Traffic Police Officer, Nashik

It gives me immense pleasure to share my thoughts about Red Brigade. The idea to have a realistic NGO strike to me when I came across with bike rally, traffic awareness and tree plantation in Nashik. In very short duration Red Brigade has done tremendous work for up-liftment of society and nature.

Adv. Shyam Badode

Corporator, Division 80, Nashik


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Tejay Today


Hindmata Mumbai


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who are the People behind Red Brigade?

Group of young corporate professionals that aim to give back to the society. Red Brigade is managed by the core group which are elected from the volunteers by a mode of election during AGM every 3 Years. We also have a board of advisors, consisting of individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. Followed by an executive committee and an enthusiastic volunteer workforce.