Membership Policy

Before accepting terms & conditions, kindly read carefully

  1. While acting as your designated role in your tenure in the trust, you may receive some kind of monetary benefit from cash or favorable goods in return for the social services provided by you or from an organization in the form of your service. Accepting will be a violation of the Trust's Rules and a socially criminal offense for the members and office bearers of the Trust.
  2. Officers and members in the trust will be elected and selected, in which the status of all members and office-bearers as non - employed in the trust is completely unpaid where you will not receive any kind of salary or basic benefit from the organization for your service.
  3. Daily salaries will be provided to the employees as per the requirements, at whatever time they apply.
  4. Employees appointed as per monthly wage earners will be given salary according to their work and efficiency and will also be given leave as prescribed by the government.
  5. The office of the Trust shall have full right to be expelled if he is found guilty of irregularities in the employees appointed by the Trust and for misappropriation of documents.
  6. As per the objective of the Trust, the poor and the weak should be made self - sufficient in human welfare projects and to provide them fair justice, as well as maximum time to fulfill the education, health, environmental protection, etc.tasks at their full power and will.Can dedicate.
  7. For the financial nurturing of the trust, all grants will be accepted through the(certified) receipt book prescribed by the trust.A grant accepted without a receipt book will be invalid.The entire grant amount will be deposited with the treasurer of the trust or in the account of the trust.You will not spend the grant received in any way or for anyone else.
  8. He / she will be responsible for all personal / secret transactions between the office bearers and members of the trust.If under any circumstances, the cognizance of a criminal or conspiracy in a personal secret form transaction is found to affect the image of the institution, the trust will be bound to take legal action.
  9. If found guilty of misuse of membership and post given by the trust, the trust will have full right to terminate your membership and position if proved guilty.
  10. While working for the trust or for all types of work related to the institution, you will follow the local laws.
  11. You shall not use the name of the trust in any form for personal interest without written permission.For example advertising / media / publicity, etc.
  12. If there is any change of any kind in the details (residential address, contact number, family details, email address) given at the time of membership and appointment to the trust, you will inform the institution in writing immediately.